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напольные покрытия производство ,
Поверхностный дренаж. Дренажные системы и элементы водоотвода оптом и в розницу. ,
Производство перил из нержавейки

Additional services

Transportation and keeping

Weissberg panels of the suspended ceiling are packed in the carton boxes, are transported and kept in a strictly vertical position. The package should be in a strictly vertical position during transportation. It is acceptable to compose a stack not exceeding two rows in height during transportation and not exceeding 3 rows in height while keeping.

Capacity during load of cars of various brands

Car Basket dimension Capacity (number) Capacity in (m2) Weight, kg
Gazelle 3000x1800 93 200,88 1506,6
Lorry 3000x2200 200 432 3240
Van 12000x2400 640 1382,4 10368
Van 13500x2400 720 1555,2 11664

  • Products should be shipped on conditions of self-removal.
  • Так же наша компания может заказать для Вас транспорт у наших постоянных партнеров.

Assembling from 7,8 €/m2

The cost of assembling is determined after submission of drawings either at the expert's personal trip to the project, guarantee for assembling is 2 years.

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