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Assembling suspended ceiling


As the panels are heavier than the ones the suspended systems for panels made of the mineral fiber are designed for it is recommended to study the technical passport of the suspension system and to get convinced that is designed for no less than 14 kg per mІ. To have prevention of trouble due to mistakenly chosen dowels and other aspects of assembling guaranteed experts should be entrusted with the work. It is recommended to double the number of suspensions for the Weissberg ceiling panels, as suspensions are fixed with an interval of 0, 6 meters between each along the T-shaped profiles of 3, 6 m and 1,2 m. To install the suspended ceilings it is recommended to use a suspension system, such as "Arkada" or its analogs according to the basic parameters.

Installing a suspended ceiling you have to mind you have to be careful ad accurate while working with the plaster panels.


1. T-shaped profile 3,6 m
2. T-shaped profile 1,2 m
3. T-shaped profile 0,6 m
4. Euro-suspension with two control-rods is fixed with a spacing of 0,6 m along the T-shaped profile 3,6 m.
5. Angel profile 3m
6. Weissberg panel.

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