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Weissberg :: Suspended ceiling of new generation

Suspended ceiling of new generation

WEISSBERG Company is the only manufacturer of the pollution-free panels of suspended ceilings from the armored plaster in Russia, CIS and the Baltic States today. The panels are recommended for installation in the apartment buildings and civil objects (including sports premises, shops, children's institutions and treatment-and-prevention facilities) and belong to the nonflammable materials group.

Plaster panels for ceiling are 100% water-resistant and their dimensions are 600X600mm. A standard suspension system made of the galvanized steel is used fir their installation. The light reflection factor and dispersive ability is 85%.

To increase firmness the panels are armored with a special fiber. WEISSBERG manufacturing company provides a 50-year guarantee for all its products. Panels like these are manufactured abroad but on the Russian market their price is two or three times higher then the price of the domestic manufacturer.







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